Roses are our specialty, it runs in our family's blood since 1964.

Founded 32 years ago by Nelly Guadarama this business turned into one of the biggest flower shops in Orange County.

"My grandmother started our first flower shop in 1964 and it has been passed on from generation to generation ever since."

With decades of experience in picking, arranging and creating. Boulevard of Roses can guarantee the freshest blooms. 

🌹 Boulevard of Roses only uses the most premium Roses grown by our relatives and hand picked by professionals.

🌹 Our Roses have the largest blooms and we always make sure that we give you the freshest flowers possible.

🌹 Boulevard of Roses is committed to offering only the premium and finest Flower Arrangements while providing great reliable service.

✅  We Deliver to your Door Step

✅  We offer Custom made arrangements

✅  We create stunning Dish Gardens

✅  We offer Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly service/memberships

📲 Call us anytime from 9:00AM - 7:30 PM (Mon-Sun) for assistance!

(714)610-6435 & (657) 615-8404